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Trying imagining having three computers without having any capabilities for communicating with each other or being able to share a common resource? Many of us would find that abnormal because we have been overwhelmed with the power of what an efficient and well designed computer network can help us accomplish.


In the computer industry, it has been noted that a computer network is the backbone of the IT infrastructure especially in the respect to that of communication. Networking in a computer world can simply be defined as the efficient connection and sharing of information between two or more electronic devices using a known medium.

CNSS INC can be considered as one of the technology leaders in the networking field. This is because its networks are not just designed as a cheap alternative, but one which is reliable, cost effective, up scalable, and is complemented with highly trained and experienced individuals in the networking field.

CNSS INC sees all networking jobs as priority regardless of the size and complexity of the required design. We handle all networking requests such as setting up of two (2) computers to networking of printers and other networking peripherals to networking of WAN and MAN offices.  

CNSS can design a network that fits your needs and your budget.

Our Computer networking services include:

  1. Network design

  2. Network upgrades

  3. Networking equipment upgrades

  4. Network troubleshooting and testing

  5. Networking solutions

  6. Network backup and disaster recovery

  7. Networking security solutions

  8. Wireless solutions

  9. Remote Access solutions

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