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Comprehensive IT policies are a critical component of any business especially since security is now one of the growing concerns with the business environment. IT policies govern how IT resources are used and managed within the organization. CNSS will provide the necessary guidance required for the process of developing, maintaining, and enforcing such policies.

Making Notes

The policy will include what is required to create a comprehensive set of policy documents for system and network administrators. These policies will guide administrators in their everyday tasks, building the foundation for consistent, predictable administration practices.

Working with clear direction from policy encourages and facilitates administrators’ ability to meet the organization’s established IT service goals. Apart for the administrators, the IT policy will also seek to inform the users of the system and equipment of their responsibility.

This document clearly establishes agreement from end users that they will abide by the organization’s IT guidelines throughout their tenure with the company, an important part of ensuring everyone’s satisfaction with IT and its systems.

Our IT Policy development services include:

  1. Assessment of current position

  2. Information security

  3. Disaster recovery

  4. Change management

  5. Data backup, recovery, storage, and backup retention

  6. Asset disposal

  7. Incident management

  8. Vendor management

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